Slater Designs FRK Plus Ibolic Surfboard

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Size: 5'9 x 18 11/16 x 2 1/2 - 28.2 L
Fin Boxes: Futures
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Slater Designs FRK Plus Ibolic Surfboard

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The FRK Plus is a classic squash tail, high performance shortboard, refined and calibrated over the past three years with Kelly, Brodi, Betty Lou, and others.

This new squash version of the FRK is meant to be ridden slightly shorter than the original FRK round tail. It has all the original on-wave benefits of the original FRK with a touch more release through turns that come from the squash tail and minor adjustments to how the concaves and fin placements relate to the increased surface area of the squash when compared to a round tail.

The feedback on this shape has been that it has a super quick rail-to-rail responsiveness mixed with extremely good drive and release.

Most intermediate and above surfers will appreciate the FRK Plus for the way this shape gets out of your way to the point that you don't even notice it's there - it feels like the most high performance expression of your intentions possible.


About this board:

Construction: Ibolic (Read More about IBolic below)
Fin Boxes: Futures x 5 - Fins not included)
Tail shape: Squash Tail
Dimensions/Litres: See size graph above

Recommended Fins:

Futures: Endorfins KS1


About Ibolic Technology:

Firewire has spent the past year innovating newer, better construction processes for its wide range of boards—which is pretty impressive, since it already led the industry in futuristic tech. The latest option is the Ibolic Construction, which replaces the LFT construction.

Ibolic was designed around the fact that many of Firewire’s more futuristic shapes had pretty complex bottom contours, particularly the vee quad concave bottom used on many of Tomo’s boards. This “performance hull” contour is quite involved and is difficult to glass with a bottom skin, which was the typical process used for the LFT boards.

To address this, Firewire developed the Ibolic construction, which features parabolic high-density foam rails and a foam I-beam down the middle to create the central spine that provides the foundation for a pronounced vee.

This results in a build that is 35 percent stronger than LFT and more strength in the rails (which results in a lively flex, similar to the Helium build), but without sacrificing the LFT’s feel and performance that so many surfers have come to love. The Ibolic still uses a single skin on the deck, providing a strong, durable platform from which to do your best surfing.

About Slater Designs:

“I’m not sure if the perfect board really exists, but I’m enjoying the freedom to collaborate with some of surfing’s most innovative shapers and designers.

It is a quest to create something different in a slightly different way that appeals to where I want to go on a wave. Discovering a new feeling under my feet, drawing a new line, or taking a completely different track on a wave is something I never stop dreaming about.

Now being able share and grow that idea with others is what keeps surfing fun for me.”

-Kelly Slater

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Customer Reviews

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Craig R.
Perfect daily driver hp shorty

I’ve had 5 surfs on the board so far all with the KS-1 large as thruster. From slabby beach breaks to mushy high tide beach breaks around the goldy this board flys. It glides like a hybrid but doesn’t get in your way when you want to do a turn. This is definitely a long term keeper.

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