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Dark Arts Surfboards Australia

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People trip out when they pick up a Dark Arts carbon board. Yes it’s light and no it’s not hollow, it’s EPS foam, we swear.  Simply, the tech itself is a culmination of our founder, Justin Ternes’ expertise, his 21 years of board building experience and the lightweight compound of carbon fiber. No special sauce, no secret ingredients, just a good old fashioned refined process, the priority of a high quality standard and continued R&D,  all sprinkled with some serious craftsman talent. 

Adding carbon fiber cloth to a performance surfboard design, truly unites speed and agility with improved durability. Our surfboards represent American craftsmanship, sustainable values, visionary shaping, and surfing expertise to offer a high performance carbon surfboard. 

  • Hand crafted, vacuum bagged, carbon fiber cloth, over 2lb EPS stringerless foam, for optimum, flex, weight and durability.
  • Dark Arts Carbon is light, lively and generates speed quickly, with lots of pop and spring.
  • Will foot dent but will outlast traditional construction.
  • Dings can be fixed with epoxy resin and traditional fiberglass.
  • As with any black surfboard, take special care regarding sun and heat. Always keep board in a day bag and out of direct sunlight. 
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