Sanbah's Demo Day Is On Again! 26th October 2019 Bar Beach Newcastle

Sanbah's Worlds Biggest Surfboard Demo Day is back again!

In our 6th annual we have gone bigger and better with even more brands & products to demo for FREE!

Be in Newcastle @ Bar Beach, Empire Park Saturday the 26th October from 8AM to 2PM to demo the worlds best surfboards, fins, surf hardware, accessories, and more, and all for FREE!

The @hurleysurfclub_au will be there again this year offering surf coaching and tips, plus a @hurley after party to be held at the @sanbah_grindhouse with food, drinks and the Hurley Printing Press pressing out tees for all!

Brands coming include:


See you all there 🤙 #sanbahdemoday #sanbahsurf
*Drivers licence and credit card required on sign in and if under 18 need a parent or guardian with drivers licence and credit card*


Don't forget about the after party:


And Don't forget about Roxy! 
The Roxy crew will be there on the day for live music, giveaways & more.

Also, Don't forget about the Hurley Surf Club! 

Check out some action from the years before:

Sanbah demo day 2018

Newest Surfboards to arrive

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Gato Heroi Surfar SurfboardGato Heroi Surfar Surfboard
Gato Heroi Gato Heroi Surfar Surfboard
Sale price$1,855.00 AUD
Gato Heroi Acid Drop SurfboardGato Heroi Acid Drop Surfboard
Gato Heroi Gato Heroi Acid Drop Surfboard
Sale price$1,555.00 AUD
Gato Heroi Roach SurfboardGato Heroi Roach Surfboard
Gato Heroi Gato Heroi Roach Surfboard
Sale price$1,555.00 AUD
Channel Islands OG Flyer Surfboard 2021 - SALEChannel Islands OG Flyer Surfboard 2021 - SALE
Channel Islands Channel Islands OG Flyer Surfboard 2021 - SALE
Sale price$799.00 AUD Regular price$999.00 AUD
Chilli Mid Strength SurfboardChilli Mid Strength Surfboard
Chilli Chilli Mid Strength Surfboard
Sale priceFrom $1,099.00 AUD
Rip Curl Pint SurfboardRip Curl Pint Surfboard
Rip Curl Rip Curl Pint Surfboard
Sale priceFrom $839.00 AUD
Firewire Sunday Surfboard by Rob Machado - SALEFirewire Sunday Surfboard by Rob Machado - SALE
Firewire Firewire Sunday Surfboard by Rob Machado - SALE
Sale price$895.00 AUD Regular price$1,120.00 AUD
Hayden Shapes Virtue FutureFlex SurfboardHayden Shapes Virtue FutureFlex Surfboard
Hayden Shapes Hayden Shapes Virtue FutureFlex Surfboard
Sale price$1,149.00 AUD
Pyzel Mini Padillac Surfboard | Sanbah AustraliaPyzel Mini Padillac Surfboard | Sanbah Australia
Pyzel Pyzel Mini Padillac Surfboard
Sale priceFrom $1,099.00 AUD