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Best Surf Accessories for Indonesia 2019!

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Surf accessories for Indo... All available in-store & online now! Free & fast shipping on all online orders over $30!
So you’ve got your trip booked to Indo and you’re frothing to get out in the warm water, pumping long lines and sunshine. It’s easy to get over excited right now, but don’t let it take over. Here are some things you may need to check off in preparation to take off. 

Check out our top accessory picks!




 Keep your fins and surf accessories neat and tidy and safe all in one convenient fin wallet. Perfect for any surf trip or day to day use out of the boot of your car.






Fins play a huge part in whether or not you'll make that drop you've been playing in your head in the lead up to your trip. You don't want to fall off in front of your friends now do you?..

These are our top fins for Indonesia and surrounds, which will also have you calling in sick for every swell back home:

- Futures John John Large Techflex Fins Tri Set

- FCS2 Mick Fanning Large Fins Tri Set

- FCS2 DHD Medium Tri Quad Set (5 Fins)

- FCS2 Julian Wilson Large LTD Fins Tri Set

- Futures AM1 Medium Techflex Fins Tri Set




This can be a daunting site when you walk in to a surf shop – asking for a block of wax only to be pointed in the direction of a small mountain of wax in all shapes, sizes and colours. Choosing the right wax and waxing your board isn’t be a difficult process once you learn the basics. All blocks of surfboard wax come with a temperature rating, which relates to the level of “sticky-ness” of the wax and what temperature it will perform best at. For Indo, anything that says ‘Basecoat’ will likely work, too. In generally, the harder the wax, the better for hotter temperatures. More pliable cold water wax will come right off of your board in the heat of Indonesia. Importantly, if you are bringing surfboards with cold water wax on them, strip that wax off before you go! Hard, tropical wax won’t stick on cold water wax…it will rub right off. Go for something warm, or basecoast here:




You don't want to be swimming over dry reef now do you? Get a new legrope to save your board and for peace of mind!

Our Picks:

- 6'0 Slater Designs Regular Leash

- 6'0 Creatures of Leisure Pro 6 Leash

- 6'0 FCS Freedom Leash




Essential to any surf travel holiday! Keep your boards safe and protected via our huge range of board bags!

Our Picks:

- FCS Double Travel Boardbag

- FCS Travel Wheelie Coffin

- Creatures Shortboard Wheelie Coffin




Stay away from the burn!!



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30 reviews
Best 40lt travel pack ever

Very comfortable with great support.
Wet area perfect for boardshorts or springsuit plus extra clothing space for a large compression cube full of clothes.
So many handy pockets with zips.
Rear steath pocket is perfect.
Maybe a cover to hide the straps but if you cant afford $15 for a cover you shouldnt be going anywhwere.
This pack plus a double boardbag was all i needed for 8 weeks in bali.

Lovely sturdy umbrella, gives very good shade on a very hot day. Not too heavy to carry, would definitely recommend this beach umbrella 😎

Happy with Product

I like the colour and design

So easy to put up, even with two kids running round your ankles! This beautiful umbrella is an absolute joy and super lightweight so an easy juggle with the rest of the beach gear when you're going solo. Having shade at the beach has made our summer. Also love the delicate flannel flower print and wooden handle, the quality and craftsmanship is superb. On a seperate note, I had a minor issue and both Alex (of Salty Shadows) and the Sanbah staff responded quickly and efficiently to remedy. Couldn't recommend this product and the customer service highly enough!

Suits boards with medium to high tail rocker

Top set for dhd 3dx and 3dv. I am a bigger guy - 95kg. This set works well for me in most conditions. Provides strong drive and enough pivot for the bigger guy. Highly recommended. Yew.