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Sanbah is proud to welcome Stacey Surfboards all new Epoxy Tech, Phantom Phlex.

Phantom Phlex has unparalleled resistance and return to static due to the strategically placed combination of carbon and Ghost Weave (Inegra) composites.

The boards are glassed in a 4x4x4 layup - like PU stock boards, but these have more of a team light feel. They aren't too light, nor to heavy which is a cool thing. The reason behind this is, you don't want too much flex in your surfboard. Too much flex equates to not enough drive down the line, which equates to less speed. After all, we all need to go a little faster. The special lay up of 4 ounce E-Glass with another layer of 4 ounce Quad cloth (which you'll see a pattern in on the boards) helps dampen flex, so it's not too much and makes sure your board feels fast and responsive under feet.

Strategically placed carbon on the deck and bottom controls flex in the right places with the inegra x patch between the fins helps add strength in the tail area without compromising the flex pattern.



The best part of all could be that ALL Phantom Phlex stock boards a made here in Australia and available as a custom order in ANY Stacey model.

The #6505 is on the racks now from 5'8 to 6'4 in Phantom Phlex, custom orders running hot.

RRP: $995 AUD  (Extra charge for 5 fin and artwork)

phantom phlex 1phantom phlex 2phantom phlex 3phantom phlex 4