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Slater Designs - FRK & FRK Grom
by Kelly Slater and Dan Mann


FRK SIZES - 5'8, 5'9, 5'10, 5'11, 6'0, 6'2, 6'4 & 6'6
FRK GROM MODEL SIZES - 5'2, 5'3, 5'4, 5'5, 5'6 & 5'7

In 2015 I was asked to shape Kelly a board for the first time. I knew immediately what I wanted to make him. I saw it all in my head immediately; from the bottom contour to the tail template. The way the volume would distribute through the width, the whole shape… It might actually be the most intuitive design I’ve ever done, probably because I’ve spent so many years both watching Kelly surf, and shaping boards. As crazy as it sounds I was certain it would work for him. Totally certain. I can’t wait to see everyone riding it in 19’. – Dan Mann; FRK Designer.

Slater designs FRK Hydronaut Surfboard Online review

Slater Designs - Hydronaut


HYDRONAUT SIZES - 5'8, 5'9, 5'10, 5'11, 6'0, 6'1, 6'2, 6'4, 6'6 & 6'8

The Hydronaut is Tomo’s first step-up dedicated to powerful waves. We’re anxious to finally release this shape for the first time after years of refinement by Tomo because this model has earned a cult-like following over the past several years since Tomo first made it public. This shape has an elliptical template with a wide point forward of center and a tight radius ‘torpedo’ round nose profile. This ‘torpedo’ nose represents Tomo’s big wave approach to maneuverability, in the same way his ‘cut off’ nose in the Omni and Cymatic represent his approach to maneuverability in smaller waves. In Tomo’s words, the ‘torpedo’ nose gives the surfer a “safer feeling in critical situations because of the way it enhances the quickness of direction changes when maneuvers are made at high speed”.

Slater designs FRK Hydronaut Surfboard Online review

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