New Stacey Surfboards Board Reviews! Yeti Wolf & Lab Rat! In-store now!

New Stacey Surfboards Board Reviews. Lab Rat & Yeti Wolf In-store & Online now!

Here we go through 2 new Stacey MFG Surfboard models for 2019. Find out which is the right one for you!

All boards are available for purchase online or in-store now at Sanbah Surf.

Lets get started..

#1 - Stacey MFG 'Yeti Wolf' Surfboard

The Yeti Wolf is a mythical creature that has been spotted over the years with the most recent sightings stemming around coastal communities form the USA to Australia and beyond. Originally a land dwelling creature, it has now taken to the water and been decimating coastlines around the world. It's low entry rocker allows the Yeti Wolf to reach great speeds with ease and the extreme tail flip is vital for quick directions changes when hunting prey. The soft boxy rails have a slightly 'turned up' finish that are very forgiving under your feet and incredibly responsive. A contemporary, modern shortboard built for everyday hunting.






#2 - Stacey MFG 'Lab Rat' Surfboard

From laboratories in Newcastle and San Francisco, and underground testing facilities in South Australia, Northern California, Indonesia and Hawaii comes our latest creation, The Lab Rat. The Lab Rat embodies our favourite elements of the Zombie Wolf and Black Bear models. The pulled forward outline and extended high tail rocker, a single concave, plus hidden volume under the chest makes this board a must have in your quiver.





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