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New 2021 Channel Islands Models - Neck Beard 3 & Two Happy Available now!

New 2021 Channel Islands Models - Neck Beard 3 & Two Happy Available now!

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New 2021 Channel Islands Models - Neck Beard 3 & Two Happy

We have over 1000 boards online and instore that are suited for the mushy weak waves of summer! And the FINS + ACCESSORIES to match! Need a new surfboard for summer? We have the perfect boards for you! Read more below.



 When something isn’t broke, there’s no need to fix it. That said, Britt Merrick and Dane Reynolds still felt a few slight refinements would make an already epic board that much better. And it did: The merits to this update can be seen in Dane’s new surf film “The Electric Acid Surfboard Test.”
A big fan of single concave, Dane asked Britt to turn the original Neckbeard’s double concave to single throughout. This changed the rocker landscape some, but in a very positive way—enhancing its wave entry, down-the-line speed, and overall control. They also widened the tail block 1/2” and added a slight hip, resulting in increased responsiveness and maneuverability.






Created by Britt Merrick, through the work of Dane Reynolds, the Two Happy takes all the high performance speed and flow of the original Happy but makes it more accessible and user friendly for a broader range of surfers and conditions.

With added entry rocker and increased double concave, the Two Happy is looser, rolls rail to rail more easily, and carves better in the pocket. Our team describes the board as exceptionally fast, responsive and solid under the feet. The fuller rails and wider, thicker tail block provide ease of paddle, ride and acceleration. 

To enjoy all of out state-of-the-art shortboard performance design characteristics packed into one easy-to-ride and accessible board, look no further than the Two Happy.