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2 of the latest additions from FIREWIRE

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- MOONBEAM - $960.00

Rob Machado designed this LFT shape while thinking of small, and weak waves; “The kind of waves I ride a lot here in San Diego, or an average day in Japan.” he says. 

Anyone who is familiar with The Midas will notice the Moonbeam’s similar nose template. I gave the Moonbeam a nice and wide nose, like The Midas for skatiness in small waves.” says Rob. 

“The Moonbeam is meant to go fast and have fun” says Rob. 

(Japan model featured above)



- CYMATIC - $970.00

The Cymatic is an avant-garde, ultra high performance machine.

This shape is a hybrid of the Sci-Fi and Omni models so obvious, you can almost imagine the two boards combining naturally one night with Tomo away from the shaping bay.

Fans of the Sci-Fi will immediately notice Tomo’s double bat tail.

Much of the Sci-Fi’s popularity in 2016 and 2017 has been this tail design coupled with Tomo’s Quad Inside Single Concave. By melding these elements with the reduced swing weight of the Omni’s nose, Daniel Tomson has created an evolved version of both boards that surfs most similarly to the Sci-Fi but with slightly more rocker, and an increased ease of use in waves 1 to 5 feet.


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