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Youness Amrani X Jean Julien 8"

Youness Amrani X Jean Julien 8"

Brand: Almost


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This Almost Skateboards & Jean Julien Youness deck is part of a Guest Artist Series with Jean Jullien the French graphic artist whose tongue-in-cheek works often have the ability to capture the imagination while making a poignant observation about the subject matter in question. His comical style often captures reflections on everyday life or current events and pokes fun at the mundane, but at the same time is provocative enough to illicit a profound reaction in the viewer. 

Resin-7 Canadian Maple Construction 
· 7-ply 100% Canadian Maple with Epoxy Resin Glue. 
· Single Deck Press (Same shape and concave every time). 

Why its Better:
· Stronger than industry standard 7-ply.
· Strong pop.
· Long deck life.

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