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Brand: Sculpt



  Postage to NSW, QLD & VIC: $35.
  Postage to WA (Perth & Regional Areas): $60
  Postage to WA (Rural): $100 Postage to SA: $50.
  Postage to NT: $100. Postage to TAS: $50.
  Choose Postage at Checkout. Applies to Surfboards only.
  Allow 2 - 7 days Shipping Time.

Sculpt's THRWBCK is a super fun semi-fish with a flat rocker and wide outline into a wide short board tail, allowing high performance surfing in ultra mush up too peeling point break. The THRWBCK features a prominent hip at the side fins and finishes into a wide-rounded square tail for plenty of control and liveliness, like an awesome 80’s dance floor. It's wide outline and full foil makes it paddle like a dream. Versatile and fun for all skill levels. Highly recommend X Core Reactor and five-fin box combo to suit the best high performance fin sets. 

Key features: Flat rocker, rolled entry and wide outline. Best conditions: Sloppy beach breaks from knee high to overhead peelers.

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