Rusty Surfboards '419 Fish' Surfboard - PU Surfboard (4-6 weeks lead time)

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Rusty Surfboards '419 Fish' Surfboard - PU Construction

4-6 week lead time

The 419 Fish is Rusty’s update for a classic fish. The flat deck combined with angular rails allows this fish to have incredible performance. The bottom features a light convex entry that transitions into a moderate single through the midsection and finishes with a bit of vee off the corners. The low entry rocker stays relaxed through the entire length of the bottom.

Rail transitions on the 419Fish are easier due to the flat deck. The angular rails provide more bite and drive off the turns than other classic fish. The board also has an even thickness flow: a beak nose through a bit thinner center section to a somewhat fuller tail. Overall, this board is great groveler that can still handle some size, from knee high to well overhead.

Construction: Epoxy Resin.

Epoxy resin is a much nobler resin, used in the sailboat and aerospace industry. It is more expensive and harder to work with, taking much longer to dry and requiring a more sophisticated process to build a board. But, It has way better flex, does not get brittle and keeps the flex for as long as the board lasts. It keeps that same “brand new “ board feeling.


About this board: 

Construction: PU
Glassing: Standard (4+4 deck, 4 bottom)
Fin Boxes: FCS2/Futures x 2 (Fins not included)
Tail shape: Swallow
Dimensions/Litres: See below


About Rusty Surfboards:

Rusty is an alternative surf lifestyle brand that draws inspiration directly from indie music, contemporary art & cutting-edge fashion. We give a nod to those who came before us, who laid the groundwork 35 years ago for our fundamental being. To chase the fire, to push the limits to the brink of chaos, to come out challenged and victorious. #ourkind.

The Rusty DNA was set in stone right back in the early days of the late 80’s. Born when likeminded people came together in pursuit of an ideology that meant something more. Creation, pride and resilience. They were a mismash of surfers, shapers, skaters, musician and artists, all vying for a shot to set the pace for the future.

Today, Rusty continues to thrive on the pursuit of life beyond societal norms. The visionaries of the past have paved the way for a new generation that continues in the tradition of the old guard, leading the youth to the values of the brands foundational days. Our kind is here to stay and we’ll continue to express ourselves as we see fit. Charging head first, free of constraint and inspiring those who follow next.

Shipping & FAQ:

Australia wide postage available or local pick-up, choose at checkout. Boards in stock (see graph above) are ready to be sent & are shipped out on the same day of purchase with tracking provided. Boards are safely packed in a box with layers of bubble wrap. See our shipping & FAQ tab above or visit this link:


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