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Puddle Jumper Round Pin Carbon Wrap

BRAND: Lost - Mayhem


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   Postage to WA (Rural): $100
   Postage to SA: $50
   Postage to NT: $100
   Postage to TAS: $50
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Over the course of 2015, we made a few of these round tail PJ's as custom orders mainly for people looking to get a little more range out of a board design they really liked. It’s essentially the same board as before, but with a rounded tail that is narrower in the last 18', and with just a subtle bit of extra rocker bent into the tip and tail. The stock dims are scaled a bit differently, taking into account that many people will ride the round tail 1" - 2" longer than the original squash tail PJ. This board will still ride very small waves with ease, yet can be ridden in much larger and powerful surf than the OG Puddle Jumper. The curvier outline (and slightly extra end rocker) fits better in tight radius beach breaks while holding long arcs with control in large, open face point and reef waves...all without forsaking paddle power and stability.

5’5″ 20.25″ 2.35″ 28.75
5’6″ 20.50″ 2.40″ 30.00
5’7″ 20.75″ 2.45″ 31.50
5’8″ 21.00″ 2.52″ 33.00
5'9″ 21.25″ 2.56″ 34.50
5'10″ 21.21″ 2.63″ 36.50
5'11″ 21.75″ 2.70″ 38.65
6'0″ 22.00″ 2.75″ 40.25
6'1″ 22.00″ 2.75″ 41.00
6’2″ 22.25″ 2.82″ 42.75
6'4″ 22.50″ 2.88″ 45.35
6'6″ 22.50 2.88″ 45.75



The Carbon Wrap is a performance driven glassing technology that uses a strategically placed carbon and epoxy glassing construction to finish the board. Designed to reduce the weight of the surfboard whilst maintaining strength and the optimum flex. Unlike many carbon epoxy glassing hybrids the Carbon Wrap is designed to prevent stiffness in the flex, in particular the flex through the tail.

 Want to tweak the dimensions or customise the fin configuration? Custom Carbon wraps available to order - $1195.00

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