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SmoothStar Stingray Wheels - White

SmoothStar Stingray Wheels - White

Brand: Smoothstar



  Postage to NSW, QLD & VIC: $35.
  Postage to WA (Perth & Regional Areas): $60
  Postage to WA (Rural): $100 Postage to SA: $50.
  Postage to NT: $100. Postage to TAS: $50.
  Choose Postage at Checkout. Applies to Surfboards only.
  Allow 2 - 7 days Shipping Time. Cannot Ship to P.O Boxes.

Sanbah Postage

New SmoothStar Stingray wheels, these ones in White. Stingrays were developed specifically for SmoothStar surfing skateboards. They provide a combination of smooth carving, soft absorption to ride on the streets roads but hard enough to do tail slides. The added hardness means they will last longer than softer wheels.

Compound Type Urethane mix
Colour White
Diameter 62mm
Width 45mm
Hardness 83a

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