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Australian surf accessory company MODOM SURF have partnered with US company Sharkbanz to develop the worlds first shark deterring leg rope.

The magnetic deterring device is small, light weight and built into equipment a surfer uses for every session, your leg rope. The cuff that holds the device is interchangeable with all MODOM leg ropes. #REDUCETHERISK with the Modom Shark Leash!

Available in Black - 6' Regular leash (7mm cord) 

Buy your MODOM SURF Shark Leash now - RRP $249.99

So, what does Jack Freestone, who’s been wearing the thing for four months, think of it? “The Shark Leash is so simple. There’s no on/off button and no charging needed. It’s the perfect leash to use wherever I’m surfing. For me, it’s all about peace of mind when I’m surfing riskier areas. Anything that deters sharks and reduces the risk, I’m keen to use.” - STABMAG


Check Out this clip with Mark Mathews giving a rundown on how it works and it is interchangeable with any Modom Surf Leash.



Purchase your MODOM Shark Leash now - RRP $249.99

Contact us for more info. - 02 49622420


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