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Jake Sylvester

Jake Sylvester works in-store at Sanbah

Beach: Bar Beach, Newcastle 

Board: 6'0 x 18 3/4 x 2 1/4

Sponsors: Sanbah, Quiksilver, Warner Surfboards, Arnette, Reef, Ocean & Earth, Futures, Elite Surfing

Website, Photos and Videos:

I started surfing at 4 years of age with my dad and haven’t looked back since. I started surfing competitively at the local board riders with my friends at 9 years of age, which began my competitive surfing career. Since then, I have enjoyed both free surfing and competitive surfing. The completion of my HSC in 2010 has allowed me to put all my focus on training and surfing. Competitive surfing has allowed me to travel the world to places such as America, France, Tahiti, Indonesia, Peru and more. 



Jackson Baker

Beach: Merewether, Newcastle

Board: Favourite Board: 5'7 x 18 x 2 1/8 Rookie

Favourite Waves: Log Cabins, G-Land

Favourite Surfers: Kolohe Andino, John John Florence, Gabriel Medina, Dane Reynolds and Matt Wilkinson

Video: Jackson Baker's Indo Dancing



Philippa Anderson

Philippa Anderson

Beach: Merewether, Newcastle

Results: 1st Australian Junior Pro Champion 2011, 2nd Overall in the World Pro Junior Championships 2011.

Favourite Waves: Merewether, Cloud 9



Jesse Adam works in-store at Sanbah

Results: 1st Billabong Pro Junior, 2008

I talk about surfing 24/7.







Michael Spencer 

Photos and Videos:






Luke Hamilton

Beach: Merewether, Newcastle, D'Bah or Greenmount  

Board: 6'0 x 18"  1/4 x 2"  3/16 DX1  

Sponsors: Sanbah, Quiksilver and DHD surfboards  



Oliver Hamilton


Beach: Bar beach, Newcastle

Favourite Board: 3p Surfboards 5'9 x 17 7/8 x 2 1/16 with Futures

Favourite Waves: Crescent Head, Uluwatu, Flatrock




Noah Hamilton

Beach: Bar beach, Newcastle

Favourite Board: 5'8 x 18 1/4 x 2 1/4 

Favourite Waves: Uluwatu , Snapper Rocks

Favourite Surfers:  John John Florence, Gabriel Medina and Dane Reynolds


Leo Hamilton

Beach: Bar beach, Newcastle and Cliff

Favourite Board: My 5'6 and the Mullet

Favourite Waves: A frames and Uluwatu

Favourite Surfers: Dane Reynolds



Dom Mcgeachie

Dom is one of our Team Riders/Surf School boys. Top Bloke!

Get Chicks? "sometimes"

Beach: Spot, Cliff or Merewether. 

Favourite Board: Mullet and My Skateboard.

Favourite Surfers: Tom Reilly and Jebb Lane.




Will Mcgeachie

Will is our little skateboard charger!

Keep an eye out for Will floating around Bar Beach and Wallsend skateparks showing people how its done!








Luis Stackhouse

Luis is a ripping young grommet, who spends the majoirty of his time showing the old guys out merewether how to actually ride a surfboard.

Watch out for LUIS!





Glenson Turner








Jedd Mckensie 




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