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We surf, we skate, we share what we know.

When they’re not in the shop, our staff is in the water or in a skate bowl.. well, sometimes they're sleeping and eating but you get it. They know a lot because they do it a lot. And they’re all about letting you in what they’ve learned.

Rhys Smith


Jake Sylvester

It's cool helping people out with their first board knowing that this is the start of surf stoke for the rest of their life.

Jake Sylvester


Jesse Adams.

Jackson Brent.

Jackson Brent also known as 'Jax' is one of the nicest people you will meet. When Jackson isn't in store you'll find him taking Merewether to pieces. 

Jackson rides the 'White Rabbit' by Chilli and the 'Electro' by JS Industries.


Jebb Lane

Jebb Lane is one of our most experienced staff. You'll find him ripping out Bar Reef, Merewether and occasionally chasing waves in Samoa. 

He also shapes his own surf boards and goes under the name BLT Surfcraft. 


Tom Reilly

Tom Reilly takes care of our website and also works at our surfschool.

You'll find him surfing during the summer months and snowboarding through the winter.

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Anne-Marie Green



Chelsea Ayton









Caroline Geoghegan




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